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Tams11 Word Hunt

Love word search games? Well test your skill against other by playing this online word search game
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3 January 2009

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Word puzzles have always been popular between people who love to test their vocabulary and like exercising their mind. If you’re also looking for an interesting word game then you may like Tams11 Word Hunt Install the application and you can enjoy a mind twisting word search game that you would definitely like to play while you have some spare time. It’s an online word search game that would let you test your skills against other players. You’re provided a board with different letters scattered all over it. Then you are also shown a word on the screen and you have to find letters and form the words on the board itself. The faster you search a word on the board the more points you would get. The game’s appearance and different parameters can also be customized by the players.

Tams11 Word Hunt presents a colored interface with the playing area and the statistics shown on it. The left area shows a wide squire box where the jumbled letters are scattered, and the round info is shown above that. The word that you need to form is shown at the top and the time to find all the related letters is displayed right below the word. When you try searching for the word, you can use ‘Clear’ option to make new letters selection. The letters of the word are not set in any particular pattern, and the only relating thing is that the box of previous letter is joined with the next one. This is how you need to find all the words shown by the program. The statistics of your points and total points are shown at right panel. The appearance of the board and letter text can be changed through ‘Options’ and ‘Tiles’ options on menu bar. Further, you can enable the play sound, chatter sounds, or turn sounds to classic or new. You can see and enter the phrase or voice statements in the chat column. You would find the games to be much interesting.

The Tams11 Word Hunt comes across as a very interesting game to twist muscles of your brain by testing your visual linking skills. The game application, for its easy to play method and the customizable parameters, deserves a score of 3.5 rating points.

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Love word search games? Well test your skill against other by playing this online word search game. Each player is given the same boards and the same words to search for. The quicker you find the words the more points you get.
Tams11 Word Hunt
Tams11 Word Hunt
Version 1.0.4
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